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Perfect Tint FAQs

Brandon, the owner has been in the industry since 1999. With his attention to detail and excellent customer service, many of his frequent, exclusive customers encouraged him to open his own shop. He did so in 2008 starting with a shared garage bay, to his own small location. Since then, Perfect Tint has more than tripled its original size, and has become the only tint company in Springfield to own their stand alone facility.

We currently have four window tint installers for automotive, commercial and residential, three paint protection film installers and one receptionist.

All products that we offer come with a warranty in writing. These warranties cover material defects and installation as well.

Automotive Window Tinting FAQs

Each vehicle has different degrees of difficulty, therefore, installation is based off of the year, make and model of your vehicle. Please call, or fill out an online request for an accurate estimate for your vehicle.

We recommend waiting 24 hours before rolling down any windows that have had window film applied to them.

Window film is applied with a carefully mixed soap & water solution. After installation, a smallamount of the solution can remain in between the film and the glass for up to two weeks. The moisture left behind comes in the form of haziness and/or water bubbles. This is normal, and when given time, the moisture simply evaporates. Please be sure to leave any water pockets alone. When they are pushed on or moved around, they can leave air pockets behind, which will not go away on their own.

The window film is first put on the outside of the vehicle, to prepare for installation. The finished product will be on the interior of the vehicle, for maximum durability and life expectancy.