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We handle your vehicle’s image and functionality during the day AND the night. During the day, we’re keeping the sun at bay and shielding everything inside your vehicle’s from harmful UVA and UVB rays. That includes you and your passengers. But what are we protecting when the sun goes down, and it’s the middle of the night . . . same thing! PerfecTint has been the local leader for auto LED light installation. We stock most all common LED bulbs for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. This protects you, your passengers, and other vehicles on the road. Our super bright LED headlights provide up to 8000 lumens of 5500 kelvin light. You’ll enjoy nighttime vision that outshines stock halogen bulbs and aftermarket LED lighting.

The Best Headlight Conversion Kits

Our LED headlight kits are designed to be compatible with most vehicles on the road today. Vehicle owners have recognized the LED difference, and have come to us for assistance in acquiring it. We were the first company in this area to install LED lights in response to consumer demand. Over the past six years we’ve gone through the rigorous process of our own, to find the best headlight conversion kits. While expanding our quality services, we maintain an affordable price for LED conversion lighting. At night, you’ll enjoy a brighter and clearer path when behind the wheel of your car. Also, other drivers will be happy they can see you better without being blinded by high beams. LED’s also provide instant light when it’s needed most, no warm-up time like with HIDs. LEDs do not need an electronic ballast like HID so you don’t have to worry about “ballast burn-out.”

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Many vehicle owners have made the change to LED lighting. They recognize the style and performance that this advanced lighting technology offers. Whether they’ve been behind the wheel of a vehicle with LED headlights installed, or seen one pass them on the road, the difference is unforgettable. For an affordable price, you can enhance your vehicle’s lighting performance at PerfecTint! Give us a call today at 417-866-1805 to schedule an appointment. Feel free to use our convenient online scheduling system. Our team of experts can handle all of your LED kit installations for your motorcycle as well. Next time you’re in the area, just stop on by so we can discuss your LED replacement headlight bulbs.

We can also upgrade those dated, yellow interior lights to our modern LED Lighting. Our LED’s not only to give your vehicle a luxury look and feel, they also provide you with brighter, more efficient lighting throughout your vehicle.

We also carry LED replacement headlight bulbs for all types of Motorcycles as well.
All of our LED kits for bikes are self contained, even if your bike uses a dual beam bulb.