Head & Tail Light Tinting

Custom Tinting Services for Headlights and Tail lights

Head & Tail Light Tinting in Springfield, MO


Customized Tint–Choose Your Favorite Color

Most owners are looking for a unique style for their vehicle’s customization. The headlights and taillights are a popular place to start or finish the process. But many drivers don’t want to replace their vehicle’s quality OEM lights with cheap aftermarket lights. Perfect Tint makes it all possible by providing a way to accent your OEM lights with Luxe Films. We apply custom cut Luxe products to your lenses for a unique style that matches your vehicle’s model, color, and image. Our headlight and taillight tinting film is an excellent alternative to the bulky plastic covers that often blow off, crack, or need to be removed before washing. Luxe is much thinner, making it an invisible part of your headlight illumination, until you turn them on. These tints are specially designed to only block 5%-12% visibility. This allows the details of the lights to show through. Luxe Films can always be removed without causing any damage to the lenses. The installation of Luxe Films will NOT void your vehicle’s Factory Warranty either.

Better Visibility For Nighttime Driving

Our diverse headlight and tail light tinting films allow sufficient light output up to 95%. We can match your personal style to your vehicle’s specific color needs. These tints are used by winning road race teams, so they’re tested and proven to enhance headlight style and function. We allow you to take your headlights a step further with direct fit LED bulb conversion kits for almost any new or old vehicle, which increase nighttime visibility and safety – while also adding a more bright, modern or aesthetically appealing look. Perfect Tint in Springfield, MO performs quality LED kit installations. They’re available for several makes and models of vehicles.

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Customize your vehicle’s headlights and tail lights letting the experts at Perfect Tint install Luxe films. Give us a call today at (417) 866‑1805 to schedule your appointment. Feel free to us our convenient online scheduling system to save yourself some time. Next time you’re in the area, just stop on by so we can discuss your vehicle’s next upgrade. Our experienced techs are here to enhance your vehicle’s style and safety. We look forward to serving you and giving you the vehicle you envisioned.